Dining review of Fresh Roast (Part 3 of 5)

This is my third part of Heritage getaway in the heart of Ahmedabad. In this part, I am sharing my dining experience with Fresh Roast.

Dining review of Fresh Roast

Overview of Fresh Roast

Fresh Roast is restaurant owned and managed by Mani Mansion. Besides the casual dining, it also falls into the category of a cafe. It is a great place to hang out with friends. One of the features I like that it has three different seating areas. So you can sit inside if you want a really quiet place to sip a coffee and read a book. If you want to enjoy nature then sit outside, observe the plants and enjoy your meal.


Architecture of Fresh Roast

I really like all exposed stones on the wall, it gives that vintage look of the restaurant. The architecture is simple yet elegant with a touch of heritage style. They have picture wall, where old photos of the owner and his family have been displayed. Among all the heritage features I love the statue of Buddha.


Food of Fresh Roast

The Fresh Roast offers yummy Indian food, which you should never miss. They also offer a fusion flavor of Italian, Mexican and Indo-Chinese cuisine. I was so confused what to eat because the menu was filled with full of flavorful dishes.


Don’t forget to try Authentic “Gujarati Thali”. “Gujarati Thali” is a specialty of the Gujarat and very rare to find outside of Gujarat state, so don’t miss to try it.


I was exploring the restaurant in the evening and I found out a corner which was decorated with colorful balloons and hearts. So I assume it must be an anniversary celebration for someone. I think this can be  great outdoor space to organize parties as well.



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