Enjoy Snowy Season Winter Bucket List

Hope you all had enjoyed your “Thanksgiving” with your Family and Friends. “Happy Thanksgiving” once again.

This is the first time I have made my Winter bucket list. You must be thinking who makes winter bucket list? You have to trust me it’s much more fun to enjoy Winter as other seasons. I grew up in a Western part of India and I never seen snow fall until I came to the USA. We do have snow fall in Northern part of India, but I didn’t visit it during winter. In the USA I lived in Seattle for one year. Seattle doesn’t get much of a snow in winter. In 2013 it snowed in Seattle but hardly one or two inches and that was a first time in my life I have made a snowman. I personally prefer there is no age limit for having fun and doing things which you haven’t done before.

When I moved to Midwest many of my friends said you should not move there. Midwest is so cold and snowy in Winter. Being a traveler I love to explore places and I took chance to experience Midwest life. If you live in California, you might enjoy warm weather but you are missing real cold winter. Each season has their own specialties and you should experience that.

Technically 1st day of winter is December 21st, but midwest start getting cold from November. Surprisingly November 2016 was warmer than usual November months. While growing up I missed all activities related to snow, So in my first Winter Bucket List I am adding many snow related activities. The few things like Skiing, snowboarding is tricky to learn at adult age but you can do it. I realize that if you are leaning skiing then try to learn during fresh snow because snow is soft and you will not get hurt that much.



13 thoughts on “Enjoy Snowy Season Winter Bucket List

  • Hi blogger !! I read your articles everyday and i must say you have high quality posts here.

  • Gosh that’s a big list. I hope you get through it all and remain awake on Christmas day.

  • Winter bucket list is a great idea! My favourite is number 15 🙂 I think the whole family would enjoy that one!

  • […] light displays are one of my favorite events for this time of the year and top most activity in my Winter Bucket List. All those beautiful Christmas trees decorated with lights and ornaments increase my holiday […]

  • Elizabeth O.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to make the most out of the winter season! I love all these ideas that you have in the bucket list!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Oooo what a fun bucket list!!!! It would be fun to make a blanket fort!!!

  • I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. You have a great, long bucket list. I have to admit my bucket list during the winter is not long because I hate leaving my house when I don’t have too. I am not to fond of the cold weather LOL.

  • Sounds fun! I hope you get to do all these awesome things!

  • Jenni Petrey

    I’ve never been to the snow but when I do, I’ll add all of those to my bucket list!

  • Sonya Kolodziejska

    I love this christmas bucket list. I have never thought of doing one before, maybe the kids and i should start one.

  • i am so not a fan of the cold but, I am a fan of the FIRST snowfall. after that, you can keep it…lol.

  • Your article and bucket list warmed my heart!! Growing up Christmastime and winter was my favorite season. As I got older, I started dreading it and missing the heat. But this article brought me back to the magic that this time period holds and all the great things to do. I hope you complete all of the things on your list! If I can recommend a holiday movie: “Family Man” with Nicolas Cage is one of my favorites! Also really sweet how you didn’t see snow until you moved to US. Definitely makes it even more special.

  • Love this post.. great bucket list! Love all those things.

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