Heritage getaway in the heart of Ahmedabad (Part 2 of 5)

This is my second part of Heritage getaway in the heart of Ahmedabad. In this part, I am sharing my experience with Mani Mansion.

Heritage History of Mani Mansion

Mani Mansion is a 94-year-old heritage property. It is located near Paldi crossroad, which is around 1 km from the Ashram road in Ahmedabad. The Ashram road runs parallel to the Sabarmati river and one of the famous roads in Ahmedabad. This road is considered as the financial hub of Ahmedabad. This road also contains Sabarmati Ashram and a few shops for traditional wear. So Mani Mansion is a great place to be with heritage surrounding and most of the places are at walkable distance.

As I mentioned in Part 1 this property is owned by Dalal family and still managed by them. It is a boutique heritage hotel with 23 suites providing an experience of ancient era and yet equipped with modern facilities. The vision of the property is to preserve the rich cultural heritage associated with the ancestral home. From an ancestral Mansion, it has been suitably modified as one of the city’s finest heritage hotels.

Being an urban version of an ancient Mansion (haveli), WelcomHeritage Mani Mansion has different categories of rooms suiting to different requirements. Besides heritage stay, they also have a multi cuisine restaurant named “Fresh Roast” and a banquet to celebrate your special events, Seminars & Conferences.


Mani Mansion Architecture

When I decided to share my experience I was confused how can I share everything in one post and that was the reason I decided to divide this in five different part. This heritage hotel provides comfortable stay and heritage feeling in the heart of the city. I really felt that I am running out of words to describe this hotel. My words don’t provide enough justice to the beauty of this heritage mansion.

You can see little details in the decor of Mansion all the paintings, furniture everything complements this Mansion to the word Heritage. I really like the corridor decor and especially those lamps. The design on a metal part which looks like carving on lamp gives elegant look. You can also see wooden carving work on the center desk aligned to the wall.

When I enter the room, I was exploding with a joyful heart. The room was simple yet elegant to make you feel that heritage stay. I really like the way they painted walls. I really feel that my room has a window and that tree branch peeking into my room. I bet you haven’t seen the carving done on the bed frame anywhere else. I still remember one of my aunts had wood carving bed many years ago and it’s hard to find this carving nowadays. I was so happy that they preserved this wooden work very nicely. I was literally waiting for ball men to get out of my room and jump on to this magnificent bed.


Amenities in Mani Mansion

Besides Carving bed, even the mattress was nice and comfy. They also provide Air condition and refrigerator.  You must be thinking why am I mentioning this, but Gujarat has pretty hot weather in summer and winter is also not that much cold, so you might need to consider this two factor as necessary amenities. They also provide an electric kettle, so the very first thing I did is making strong coffee and relax.

After some rest, I started exploring other amenities of Mani Mansion. They have a fitness room, so I can carry on my morning routine even staying at the Mansion. I love the swimming pool and they have few spots to sit by the poolside, so you can sit and relax or enjoy swimming. I can still remember spending a calm evening on the poolside. I like the staff, they are nice and helpful. They help me while I lost exploring the Mani Mansion.


They also have other indoor and outdoor sitting areas where you can spend your evening. Mani Mansion also has waiting lounge for hotel customers. I love those comfy chairs feel like you are sitting in the noble court of King. I fell in love with those handcrafted paintings and wood carvings.


Other facilities at Mani Mansion:

  1. Complimentary breakfast
  2. Rental Car facility
  3. Special customized packages
  4. 24/7 swimming pool
  5. Room service
  6. Coffee maker
  7. They accept money in all currencies (big relief)

They also have their own restaurant “Fresh Roast”. You can enjoy the meal there as well. I will share all details about the Fresh roast in the next part.

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