Secret Santa Gift Exchange Merry Christmas

The holiday spirit begins since November. All the lights, decoration, gifts and celebration ideas start floating in everyone’s mind. It might sound strange, but I never celebrated Christmas. In fact, I was not that much excited about Christmas until 2013. In India, Diwali is the biggest festival, So Christmas is just about the Christmas tree and Santa. You can see Christmas tree and Santa in a mall but not on the huge level. Even I heard about Elf after I came her.

We have celebrated very first Christmas in Seattle with our friends. We did pizza party and went for Christmas Parade. From different Christmas theme movies, I have learned few traditions that different families follow from years. I love the tradition of stockings on the shelf of the fireplace. I am a big fan of hot cocoa. It feels so cozy to have cocoa sitting by the fireplace. Going to see Christmas lights display is one of my favorite things during this season. You can check Christmas light display around Milwaukee here.

I was so excited for this year’s Christmas because I came to know that I have a Secret Santa, who is going to send me a gift. In movies and tv series, I saw that Santa come to their home and place a gift under the Christmas tree. So I knew that I am gonna get those feeling, which kids use to have during Christmas. I know it sounds funny, but sometimes being childish is much more fun. I am so thankful for the person who agreed to be my Secret Santa and took out time to choose the gift for me.

Thank you so much to Reene from ifspoonscouldtalk for being my secret Santa. I love the bracelet and especially the quote was written on it.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!!!

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