Best Places to

visit in February

Los Angeles is known as the City of Stars, and it’s a fantastic city to visit at any time of year. However, February is an ideal time to take advantage of off-season pricing on things like flights and hotels.

Los Angeles

Boston,  New England

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the best places to visit in February; who loves warmer weather.



Travelers can learn about the unique geology of the continent, hike up dormant volcanoes, go kayaking with seals and penguins, brave the icy water in a polar plunge, or even go camping in Antarctica!


During February, the celebration of Mardi Gras can range from visiting the Mardi Gras Museum in Biloxi, which is full of history and costumes, to having the traditional King Cake. Also, be on the lookout for a King Cake Martini or a pint of King Cake Ale.


Venice in winter is a much quieter time of year so that you can enjoy the city with fewer people there. 

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