About Me

I heard piclots of people saying follow your Passion. But many times people get confused between Hobby and Passion.A hobby is “a pursuit outside your regular occupation and it specially engaged for relaxation.”

But Passion is not relaxing. Passions don’t leave you alone. Passion insert themselves into your life and drive you crazy, whether you have time for them or not.

So my Passion for Travel drives me crazy and I left my Engineering world and start following my Passion. But one thing which I learned from Engineering, which is planning and organizing and it helps me to plan my trip.

I still have lots of places in my list to explore. Traveling was a gift I got from my dad. He loves to travel and I traveled a lot in my childhood, and still continue. Many things I learned from him, how to pack your luggage? What things should consider before IMG_7172planning? Which things you should keep handy?

I usually search google before I go to any place and you see thousands of websites, but many times it happens I don’t get all the details. Once I left my Job I had enough time to research and which encourage me to share my experience of traveling. So that it can help others to plan their travel and organize their itinerary.

Urvi’s Travel Journal is a blog in which I will share my travel experiences, upcoming events and local food experiences. You can also find some useful article on tips for hiking, road trips, camping etc.

Urvi lives in Milwaukee, USA and is an Electrical Engineer, who left the corporate world to follow her passion. Traveling lead her to write about her experience which helps other people to organize their trips. She believes that even with less money you can explore a lot. She aims to help people with their trip. So instead of searching for a guide book create your own.