Best 10 gift ideas for Travel Lovers

The Holidays are around the corner, So I have started making a list of the gifts for all the ages. While making a list of gifts, I thought to share some gift ideas for Travel Lover. Being travel blogger I always like to give unique gifts. So I explored different things for different peoples. Here are the best 10 gift ideas for travel lovers.

Best 10 gift ideas for Travel Lovers

1. Scratch-Off World Map

This scratch-off interactive world map is the perfect unique gift for anyone who loves to travel or is interested in geography. It is ideal for travel lovers as well as an education tool for kids. You can scratch off the places which you have visited with the included scratching tool. Not only do you get a scratching tool, but it also includes a retro-designed compass, so you can know which way you are heading. Check Scratch-off World Map here

Best 10 gift ideas for Travel Lovers

2. Packing Cubes

Travelers concern about luggage because travel light is a big factor to consider before planning. The packing cubes are a great option to keep organized your bag and easy to access all stuff. It saves space as well. There are numerous types and styles are available in different colors as well.


3. Travel Bottle Set

You must be thinking traveler already has Toiletry bags and bottles then why to choose this gift. This travel bottles are dishwasher safe and made from medical-grade silicone, which makes its different than other sets and I love that it has all labels already made and it’s leak-proof and easy to squeeze. Check out this TSA approves Travel Bottle Set here


4. Travel Mug

Multipurpose Travel mug keeps the beverage hot or cold. I love having coffee and read a novel when I am waiting for my flight. Normal coffee doesn’t keep my coffee hot for the longer time. So I keep my traveling mug with me. I like Contigo Travel mugs and they offer a great deal on thanksgiving.

5. RFID Blocking Travel Neck Pouch

Lately, I have heard about many scams from credit cards, So RFID protected  pouch will be one of the great investment to keep your travel peaceful and safe from thievery. This pouch is also water resistant so I loved that additional feature. It’s big enough to carry the passport, credit cards, and other booking papers to keep it handy. Check Travel Neck Pouch here

Best 10 gift ideas for Travel Lovers

6. Travel Journal

The Travel Journal is a great gift for the traveler because they can note down about their trips and read whenever they want. Don’t just buy any travel Journal and give it as a gift. You will find travel journal which combines travel planner, a checklist, a diary, and an interactive map. You can buy it online or get it customized.

7. Bluetooth headphones

Headphones are a basic necessity for music lovers. Most of the travelers take help of music to kill their traveling time. I did use wired headphones until my phone fell from my lap due to the wired connection. So Bluetooth headphones are easy to use and I can keep my phone in my pocket.

Best 10 gift ideas for Travel Lovers

8. Customized T-shirt

Nowadays you can get plenty of stuff customized. Find out the favorite place or favorite picture of the gift receiver and get a customized t-shirt with lovely thought. Normal apparel can buy anyone but the customized one will always be remembered. There are plenty of websites which can offer you customized gifts.

9. RFID Secure Wallet

The unique gifts for him are the sometimes difficult task to find. I found this wallet and bought for my husband and he loved it. He already had the wallet but that was not RFID protected. This wallet had a glossy finish, smooth surface and made of leather. This wallet is great to protect your credit cards against the scams and keep your card safe. Check Hauberk RFID Secure Wallet here


 10. Power Bank

Being, a traveler I use my phone as a music player and a camera as well. So obviously it will drain out my battery compared to a normal scenario. I don’t want to carry the phone with a dead a battery because I can not take pictures and can’t record precious moments. So better to stay connected with an external rechargeable battery.


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