Best Fall date ideas

Cold and breezy atmosphere sounds like romantic situation, isn’t it ? So have you thought how will you spend this season with your someone special? If not, than never mind, I am here to give you great ideas. So celebrate this fall with your loved once in budget and make some new memories to last long. Spending money doesn’t buy you memories, but the time spend together does. You can pick activities from his or her bucket list if they have a bucket list. Check out my Fall bucket list. However, you can pick any of this activity and plan out your date in this fall.

Best Fall Date Ideas

1. Bonfire

Bonfire is so much fun and make you feel warm in cold breezy fall. You can set up a bonfire on beach site or even in your backyard. Get some marshmallows, Hershy’s and Graham crackers for S’mores.


2. Tailgate party

Are you football lover? Than tailgate parties are so much more fun. Hanging out, having barbecues and cheer up your favorite team.

3. Bake Apple pie together

There are so many farms who give you chance to pick your own apples. Isn’t it so much fun? And you can use your baking skills to impress someone special.

apple picking

4. Take a drive to view fall foliage

I love viewing fall colors. This is the only time of year when you see colorful leaves on the tree. The color variation are amazing including orange, yellow and red colors look so pretty.

5. Enjoy hot coffee outside

I love sitting at my patio and having hot coffee in cold weather. These feels so great. These will give you a chance to get to know each other better.


6. Corn maze

Do you love get lost in maze? If yes than you will love corn maze. There are so many corn farms offer corn maze during fall season. They create a maze by creating walk path between the corn crops and you have to find your way out. It’s so much fun. You can easily spend half day over there.

7. Watch football

Watching football with your loved once is amazing. Either you can buy tickets and go to the stadium or you can watch on TV at your home, choice is yours. Instead of watching football alone these will be much more fun.

8. Go to Halloween costume party

Halloween is one of my favorite celebration season. We go to normal parties all around the year but costume parties are much more fun.


9. Go for pumpkin patch and carve it together

Pumpkin patch is same as apple picking. Some farms offer both apple picking as well as pumpkin patch. They also provide carving tools to show your carving skills. If you don’t like carving than you can bake pumpkin bread or cupcakes. If you are coffee lover then you can try making Pumpkin Latte at home.

Best Fall date ideas

10. Collect fall leaves and make something creative

These is great season with the great view of colorful leaves. so why don’t we use those leaves and make the house colorful. Take a walk collect some different color leaves and make some beautiful decor together.

9 thoughts on “Best Fall date ideas

  • All these ideas sound amazing! I love bonfires and corn mazes.

  • Wendy Pence

    Tailgate (or any sports-centered) parties are always fun. My husband and I often attend these kind of parties and watch football and basketball together. It’s a lot of fun!

  • You have no idea how much I love this. I agree with everyone one of your ideas. I love doing Halloween/Fall things and having the food that is involved with this time of year but my two favorite were the bonfire and warm coffee outdoors.

  • Kalyn Cruz

    I like these brilliant ideas, but I think baking apple is the perfect time for me and my husband.

  • Teresa Kunberger

    My sons father and I use to do bonefires all the time! Best of all

  • Elizabeth O.

    Fall is the best season to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. I really love your date suggestions! They’re romantic!

  • You have a lot of great ideas here. I personally would love to ride around and look at the fall foliage. I just think it is so pretty.

  • great ideas to have a fall date…but I like the bonfire, I think its unique, yet romantic too 🙂

  • Rosey

    I like to have hot coffee outside when it’s a bit chilly too. And it’s also a good time for smores. 🙂

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