Bye Bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!

Since March month starts I was eagerly waiting for spring. Before one week of spring, we had a snow storm and it dumped 10 inches of snow. Can you believe it? After snowstorm temperature rose till 50 and finally all the snow melt. Now the ground is clean with no sign of snow. I am so excited to see colorful flowers, green grass, and buzzing bees. Each season has its own glory. I like winter when it snows but that bitter cold is sometimes unbearable. In Midwest spring is somewhat windy, so if the temperature is above the 50s and sunny then you can enjoy outside. I am so ready to say goodbye to my winter coats. Even though whole weeks weather predictions don’t sound good. This year we even got few spring days during January and February. Hence, we enjoyed “A warm day in Lake Geneva” and few brunch places. It’s March 20 and now I am totally ready to say bye bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!!!


bye bye Winter and Welcome Spring
Drawn by Shruti Mehta

I saw above drawing on Shruti Mehta’s Instagram account and loved it. The drawing itself says the whole story about dress up hustle in the winter with tons of layers to stay safe. As soon as spring arrives you get relief with all the hustles. Don’t forget to check out the stylishly designed outfits by Shruti Mehta on her Instagram

Bye Bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!

This year winter was not too bad in terms of a snowstorm and windy situations but those dry trees make me feel down. It feels like everything is gray and no colors around. Even winter outfits come in those dark colors, which drain your energy. This was the situation before one week of spring.


Bye Bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!


Anyways spring has begun and I am so excited to work on my spring bucket list. The major part is gardening projects, which takes plenty of time. Let me tell you I have no experience with gardening and I am still in learning stage. I have started from last two years and keep increasing the plantation year by year. This year I am planning to grow green chilies, mint, and basil.

Spring Bucket List

bye bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!

20 thoughts on “Bye Bye Winter and Welcome Spring!!

  • You’re saying hello to Spring and we’re saying goodbye to Summer! Autumn started with a heatwave here, which is funny as you said Spring started with lots of snow for you. But we must agree, each season has its own glory! We are actually looking forward to Winter, snuggling up under lots of blankets, hot chocolate and all the rest.
    Love your Spring Bucket List! Gives us the idea to write up our own Autumn version.
    All in all, really enjoyed your post and we’re wishing you a blessed Spring!

  • Kristen Morris

    I’m jealous that you don’t have any snow on the ground! We got 20 inches in a blizzard and it’s still here lol! I love your springtime bucket list, especially running in a color run, that always looks like so much fun!

  • We’ve been ready to welcome spring too – we’re looking forward to bright colors, flowers, and most of all, sundresses! Maybe not quite as excited about the allergies that come along with all those flowers, though – ha!

  • I love this bucket list. We’ll probably be doing some of it. My daughter loves to hunt for bugs.

  • number 1 – checked, number 8- this weekend! 🙂

  • I love the warm seasons. I think spring would be my favorite season if it didn’t mean me saying hello to allergies. I think I’d rather deal with the cold than to be sneezing my head off during the weeks it takes everything to finish blossoming. (LOL)

  • SPRING!!! Yes!! Goodbye winter!! I am so over this cold weather.I love the light breeze and rainy air.

  • Decorating the house with tulips?! Yes please! I might have to join you on that one….actually, I like your whole bucket list. I still live in a place where Spring is a mix of snow and plants brave enough to try and push through so no barefoot walks for me… but indoor flowers, that I can certainly do ; )

  • Nice post.
    Beautiful picture.
    I’ve never made a spring bucket list but I would like to do that.

  • We definitely understand craving spring we used to live in cold climates and spring was awesome. We love you spring bucket list – except we don’t understand #13 Hunt for Bugs. Is this because you love bugs or because you hate them and want to destroy them? 🙂

  • Elizabeth O.

    It’s so exciting to finally welcome Spring! I’m sure everyone’s just as excited as I am. I think it’s awesome that you have a bucket list for the season!

  • I had a feeling that the Winter never want to say goodbye. We’re finally welcoming Spring! You bucket list sure looks like a lot of fun!

  • blair villanueva

    Am happy that its Spring! It’s time for me to wear my spring clothing and more florals!

  • Very nice spring list. I might steal some of your to dos 🙂

  • I want to borrow your spring bucket list. I’ve not thought about some of the things on it. I am so happy that spring is here even though it feels like we skipped spring with our 90 degree weather.

  • Thanks for all the great tips. Can’t wait to get started on all the spring cleaning especially outside. Looking forward to the nice weather.

  • jen

    I am so ready for warmer weather! Time for spring cleaning!

  • Ruth I.

    We do not have winter here, but we welcomed summer already. You got a nice list of activity, I hope you can accomplish all 🙂

  • I really like the sound of designing my own spring dress! I can imagine it now, floral, pastel and skater style. Sigh, I am so glad that winter is over now x

  • CourtneyLynne

    I’m so happy spring is finally here!!! Yay for warm weather and pretty flowers!!!

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