A Day at Milwaukee Public Market

It will be 3 years in June 2017 in Milwaukee. I can’t believe 3 years pass away just like that. I had never experienced such a cold weather before I moved to Milwaukee. Hence, my 1st winter I spend staying indoor. It took a time to get used to this cold. There are plenty of indoor events which are great for winter and cold days of Spring. Last Saturday we had no plans and thinking where to go? Milwaukee Public Market is the great option for any time of the year.  I have already been here during Christmas for Gingerbread House Display in Milwaukee Public Market. That article was focused on gingerbread house event, so I have decided to write regular things to spend a day at Milwaukee Public Market.


A Day at Milwaukee Public Market


A Day at Milwaukee Public Market

The Milwaukee Public Market is the best place for food, fun, and shopping. There are lots of food vendors in the market, So you will find a suitable meal, no doubts on that. There are pretty good vegetarian and vegan options as well. Milwaukee Public Market is all in one place, Coffee, chocolates, cupcakes, desserts, full meal, wine, cheese, you name it and they have it. If you are visiting Wisconsin then your trip never ends without having Wisconsin local Cheese.

The Milwaukee Public Market has its own parking and its paid parking. So if you don’t want to pay for parking then find street parking, almost all street has free parking on weekends, but still check the signs. If you buy anything from Market then they will validate your parking ticket, which reduces your parking charges.

As it was cold and windy instead of looking for free parking, we decided to park at Public Market’s parking. We were not sure what we gonna buy, but we decided to keep parking ticket with us so that if we buy anything I can ask them to validate my ticket. Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks?

They have three different gates so if you give directions to anyone better to tell the vendor’s name, which will be easy to locate. We decided to take a whole round of market and find out what it has to offer and then will decide what to eat.


A Day at Milwaukee Public Market


We entered from “The green kitchen” and head towards Adam’s bakery and looking around all vendor’s display. Some Vendor’s displayed desserts and chocolates, which are so tempting. Besides food, there are other vendors who sales Kitchen supplies, clothing, and spices. You can also try some local wine at Thief Wine. For local cheese, don’t forget to stop by West Allis cheese store. I am a huge fan of the cheese. They have different types of artisan cheese and cheese spreads. They also have samples if you want to try. I really like cheese spread for crackers.

You can also get some Milwaukee gears like T-shirts, caps, Cheese shape cap as well. There is a huge section of seafood and St.Paul fish company as well. You will get oyster, Lobster, Shrimps, Fish, etc. I am vegetarian, so I didn’t try the seafood. According to the crowd they attract, I guess their seafood should be delicious.

I decided to get a veggie wrap from Green Kitchen but my husband wanted to try the Mediterranean so he bought from Aladdin. The best thing is you buy your meal from wherever you want, then take it and go upstairs they have plenty of arrangement for sitting. They have a beautiful seating area upstairs looking over the market.


A Day at Milwaukee Public Market


Except eating and shopping, you can also take a cooking class in the Market. You can check their website for details. Don’t forget to get validated your parking ticket before you leave from the market. Hence you don’t have to pay for parking.

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