Essentials for Camping in the woods

Camping in the woods is so much fun, especially when you have a large group of family and friends. Make sure you pack all the camping essentials. I am planning my 1st camping trip of 2019. I have already done camping twice previously. While I was making a list of my camping essentials, I thought I should share this list with you guys. No matter if you are a first-time camper or frequent camper, but these are the things you have to carry for all your camping trips. Keep this camping essential checklist handy, so you don’t miss any of it. California has lots of state park and national parks. I really want to go camping in Yosemite National Park. Here is my list of Essentials for camping in the woods.

Essentials for Camping in the woods

Campsite gears for a good sleep

1. Shelter (RV/Tent)

There are two options for the shelter either you can rent an RV or carry a tent. What kind of camping you are planning to do? Always check with campground policy. Some campground doesn’t allow RV. I have one of those easy set up tents, which takes less time. You can buy any which suit your budget. If you are a first-time camper, please go through the instructions on how to set up a tent. You don’t want to spend your whole day setting up a tent, right? Hence, do some groundwork or go camping with experienced campers initially.

2. Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are portable bedding which you use during camping. I have seen few people who bring an air mattress for extra comfort. I totally recommend a sleeping bag because of its lightweight and easy to carry.

3. Lantern

A lantern is a great way to light up your tent. Different kind of lanterns is available in the market, I have rechargeable ones. Just trying to reduce electronic waste by using rechargeable ones. Make sure batteries are fully charged so it can last for a longer time.

4. Blanket and pillows

In my case pillow is a must thing for me to have a good sleep. Though in the forest day is hot, but the night gets a little chilly, so better to carry extra blanket instead of regretting later.

5. Camping Chairs

Most of the camping sites provide picnic tables, but I really like to relax in my camping chair. It is very easy to carry because you just have to put them in the trunk. Just imagine lounging on your chair in the forest and reading a book how relaxing that will be.

Personal items

6. Bug repellent

Back in days you usually find bug repellent ointment and spray to protect yourself from bugs during outdoor activities. Thanks to all research and inventions now you will get Insect repellent wipes, wristbands, bracelets, essential oils, and even clothes. I still use the spray, but you can pick whichever you like. Please don’t forget to carry bug repellent.

7. Sunscreen

Once summer starts sunscreen is a must-have thing for any trip. I keep a travel size sunscreen in my purse. As I love being outdoors and when I go camping I don’t hide in a tent. I always prefer to do hiking in the morning. Hence, to keep myself safe from sunburns I always apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.

8. Medical Kit

Medical Kit should be in your every packing list no matter its a camping trip or road trip. I have made my customized medical kit. First of all, buy a pouch which is big enough to fit all your medical supplies. If you have any medical condition then don’t forget to pack your prescriptions first. Besides prescription add some basic pills for cold, cough, fever, pain killers, Thermometer, etc. Also, add bandages, cotton, antiseptic cream, Band-Aids, scissors, and Q-tips to operate minor physical injuries.

9. Toiletries

On campsites, you will find common restrooms and shower facilities. You have to carry all your daily cleaning accessories like toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, soap, etc.

Kitchen items to quench the hunger

Before you make a list of kitchen items make a meal plan. That means what are you going to eat during camping. I really like doing a barbecue, so I don’t carry a Stove and fuel but many people do.

10. Grill, coal, and igniter

I am in love with barbecue and totally recommend you to try it. You can grill veggies, meat and burger patties. A burger is easy to make and a great option for lunch or dinner.

11. Chopping pad and knife

12. S’mores

I can’t imagine camping without a campfire and S’mores, it is my favorite thing to do. I always carry graham crackers, marshmallows, and Hershey’s chocolate bar. You can also find long sticks to roast marshmallows in the market.

13. Water

The basic necessities for every human being and you cannot replace it with anything right? Always carry some extra because you need it for cooking as well.

14. Disposable cutlery

It includes plates, bowls, cups, paper napkins, kitchen towels, Spoon, fork, knife, zip lock, foil paper, table cloth, etc.

15. Trash Bags

They don’t have trash bins at each campsite so carry your own trash bags. Generally, they keep huge Dumpsters near restrooms or some common areas.

16. Grilling Utensils

Mostly you need serving spoons, Thong for barbecue, cooking spray, brush, etc. Make sure what are the things you are going to cook and take the utensils accordingly.

17. Firewood and matchbox

We learn from our mistakes and I learned something from my first camping experience. I bought wood for the campfire, but I didn’t know that it takes more time to light up. I didn’t have any experience of setting up a campfire by myself. One of our neighbor campers handed dura flame to us which helped light up other woods. It lights up fast, hassle-free and burns for a couple of hours.

18. Cleaning supplies

The big container, Dishwash liquid, sponge, Cloths for drying the dish are required to clean the kitchen utensils.

Gears to protect your body

As I mentioned the temperature varies through the day and night, hence better to recheck the weather condition. The temperature drops at night so carry enough warm layers.

19. Cloths for daytime
20. Sleepwear
21. Light jacket
22. Hat
23. Gloves & socks
24. Comfortable shoes for hiking
25. Slippers

Some of the extra stuff for fun

26. Lawn Games
27. Playing cards
28. Bluetooth speaker
29. Bike
30. Camera

Ultimate camping essential checklist

I am super excited about my camping trip and really hope this checklist will be helpful for you guys. I will soon share my 1st camping trip experience as well. Till then enjoy the summer.

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