Fall colors Peninsula state park Door county

This fall season was surprisingly spectacular because the weather was really good and I was able to complete few activities from my FALL BUCKET LIST. So before season ends I wanted to spend one more weekend creating fall memories. One of the great thing in Wisconsin, you can check fall report on the website. Before you go anywhere to explore fall foliage check the report. I immediately checked fall color report and door county had 80% fall colors.

The Door County is very famous place in Wisconsin for fall & summer. I found out places to go and also figure out the route. Before I plan all my trip I always prefer to check the weather condition, so I can be prepared for future hazards. Although the temperature was in the 50’s, but until it is sunny we are ok with it. I have planned to have Picnic over there so I took lunch and some snacks from home.

How to get there?

You can land on any of three airports Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. You take a rental car from airport rentals and head to the Door County.

Tips to explore Peninsula State Park

  • If you are going to explore fall colors than do check the fall color report and then plan your trip.
  • If you are living in the nearby city, then you can do a one day trip easily, but it has lots of things to do so make your trip itinerary first.
  • Check the weather and decide your attire accordingly.
  • As Peninsula State Park is on Lake Michigan you might feel windy, especially in cold weather, so be prepared for it.
  • If you are planning to hike than get your proper hiking gears.
  • There is no facility for food inside the state park so carry enough food and water before entering.

Visitor Center

We went to the visitor center first. If you are not sure what to explore in Door County than you can check into the visitor center and they will provide information. You can also get maps and other brochures from there. one of the best things of these visitor center is its open 24/7. Isn’t it great? You will get all types of brochures like shopping and dining, attractions, parks & beaches etc. I really liked the rocking chairs kept in a patio of the visitor center.
So we grab our maps and head to peninsula state park. In Door County two main highway go through 42 & 57 which helps you cover the whole door county area.


Fall colors Peninsula State Park Door county

In the Peninsula State Park, you require buying vehicle permission sticker. If you have already bought then you are good to go. They have yearly, monthly, daily and hourly passes. You can buy these stickers at the entrance. You will also get a map in which you will get hiking trail guide details as well.

If you don’t want to do hiking then also it has nice viewpoints and scenic drive. We started from pier center and Weborg point. Camping and picnicking available at Weborg point. Hemlock trail can access from Weborg point. This trail is 1.8 miles long and contains rolling terrain, cedar and hardwood forest.
From this point, you will get a very nice view of the lake and forest as well. They also build the concrete dock walkway. It was a little bit windy otherwise you can sit there with coffee and enjoy the view. In parking lot also there were beautiful trees with pretty fall colors.


Our next stop was Nelson point. This point also has a small picnicking area. You can get a view of Lake Michigan from this point as well. Follow the same road and next is the Tennis court point. Here they provided steps to get down to the Lakeshore. The view of the lake from this point is absolutely stunning.

When we proceed further road splits in Shore road and Skyline road. We want to cover both drives as both drives are scenic according to the visitor center representative. So we decided to complete the Shore road drive first. On this road, you drive parallel to the Lake. These give the illusion of lake and sky flows together as far as you can see.
On Shore road drive one more split will come which is Shore road and Bluff road. By mistake, my friend took right instead of left. And I am so glad he did this mistake. We took immediately right On Bluff road as so many cars were parked there so wanted to check out what’s in there. It was nature center and White cedar nature trail. This trail is a self-guided nature trail teaches deer ecology. This is 0.5-mile loop trail with amazing fall color views.

Fall colors at Peninsula state park Door county

After viewing the beautiful scenery on this trail we get back to shore road and head to Eagle bluff lighthouse. You will get great the view of Lake Michigan and peninsula forest. Unfortunately, when we visited the lighthouse was closed for the season. It normally opens till early September.

This is a great place. It has quite good photography spots as well. From the Eagle bluff lighthouse to the Nicolet beach is a very beautiful drive. You can see colorful fall leaves. It’s a simply amazing drive.

Fall colors at Peninsula state park Door county

As we didn’t want to miss the scenic drive on the Skyline road as well, we took the Bluff road and return on the shore road. We took the skyline road from starting point and stopped at Sven’s bluff. This point is at a higher elevation so the very nice view of the lake.

You can also take the skyline loop trail from the Tennis court. This trail is 3 miles long. You can also check out the hemlock road. If you just want to drive by then you can finish viewing these state park within one to two hours. But if you’re planning to hike then there are around 11 trails. You can choose which trails you want to hike on.


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