How to prepare the ultimate itinerary

I want to share some basic tricks for your upcoming trip for the year 2017. Hence, I decided to write the very 1st post of 2017 on “How to prepare the ultimate itinerary?” which helps you save the money and time.

I hope you all had a great celebration for welcoming 2017 and you all are already gear up to accomplish your goals. So I sat back and figure out my goals which majorly includes saving money and travel more. Hence, I am starting with the basic post of “How to prepare the ultimate itinerary? Which helps you save the time and give chance to explore more.

How to prepare the ultimate itinerary

Step 1: – Finalize your destination first.

The very 1st step is to decide where you want to go for a vacation. It can be a City, a National Park, a Beach, a Mountain etc. Doing the random search on an internet doesn’t help until you decide where you want to go? As only after that you can do all the required booking like flight, car rental, Hotel etc.


How to prepare ultimate itinerary

Step 2: – How many days you are planning to spend the vacation?

Suppose if you are planning to do hiking or backpacking then depending on you, it might take 1 to 5 days. Let say you just want to go to key west and relax at beach side then 2-3 days might be enough. But if you are planning a road trip then you would require more days.

Step 3: – List out all the spots you want to explore during Vacation

Let me explain you with an example of Death Valley National Park which was my recent trip. The Death Valley National Park is spread in 5219 mi², which is huge and not possible to cover a whole park in one day. The few spots which famous among the visitors are Dante’s View, Zabriskie Point, Badwater Basin, The Race Track, Artist’s Drive, Devil’s Golf Course etc.

Step 4: – Find out how much time you have?

Suppose, If I am planning to spend only one day at National Park. So obviously, I cannot visit all attractions in the park. I have to prioritize and identify which attractions I want to do the most and how much time required for each attraction. I also need to find out if any of that spot have hiking to do because hiking takes additional time. If you are planning to reach at the park by 9 am and in winter sunset is around 5 pm then you have 8 hours in your hand to explore the park.

Step 5: – Check if any place required hiking.

Before you decide to hike, know your capacity. For example, I am a good hiker in summer, but winter is not my thing as such. When air is thin and cold I feel tired easily, So I required extra time for hiking in winter. Keep all conditions in mind before deciding the time for each activity.

Step 6: – Add all places on google map and find how far they are from each other?

Open google maps and your list of attractions which you made. Now start entering attractions in google maps one by one. It will show you the drive time from one spot to another. You can also drag and drop the spots and it changes the drive time. Figure out the route such a way that you can spend less time in driving and more time exploring. Hence, save time, save money and explore more.


Step 7: – Calculate required time for a trip including the drive.

According to the google map shown above, you can see the drive time to the spot and calculate how much time you want to spend on each spot. Don’t always keep the pressure to visit all the spots in your list, but try to spend the little more time where you love the view.

Step 8: – Make sure what to carry according to the place you are visiting.

Don’t just pack and go on vacation. It’s not fun if you don’t have suitable things. Obviously, Swimsuit doesn’t go with hiking right? Not just clothes, but you also have to be prepared with your electronic gadgets, chargers, hat, sunglasses, etc. I had written the post on “Hiking at Charlie’s Bunion” in which I have mentioned few tips for hiking. If I am going to Miami then Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Swimsuits are must things to carry. Hence, When you do packing keep in my mind to check the weather and list out your needs.


26 thoughts on “How to prepare the ultimate itinerary

  • Such a great resource for those with wanderlust like myself. I love to create itineraries based off of the places I’d like to photograph the most!

  • It’s definitely important to prepare. Albeit, things don’t always go as planned, but it’s always nice to have a skeleton!

  • This is so helpful! I’ll have to keep this in mind when we travel. I hope we can over the summer!

  • Fantastic tips. I never plan this far ahead. Lol.

  • Great tips, especially the one about mapping out your drive time to attractions. This helps a lot with any trip, and helps avoid spending too much time driving.

  • As someone who is a total planner, these tips were great!

  • The google map idea is a smart one!!



  • These are some great tips! There is so much more to hiking and traveling then people think.

  • I’m 100% planner, needs to know every last details and day needs to be jam packed. My husband on the other hand…

    Makes trips difficult! But I can always take this little list and put it in my pocket 🙂

  • These are some fantastic tips! Google Maps makes it pretty easy to save places and create an itinerary online saved to your gmail account too! We are planning for 4 vacations this year with 2 being full weeks and 2 being more like weekend trips! I will definitely keep these tips in mind while planning them! Thanks!

  • CourtneyLynne

    Oooo so many helpful tips!! Planning the perfect itinerary really can be tough!!!

  • This is awesome tips! I don’t usually plan that far when travelling. Kinda stop at #1-#3 but this is helpful info for our next future trip.

  • Wow! These are some great tips for making itinerary. Checking if the place requires hiking or not is must.
    Thanks for sharing such helpful post!

  • This a good guide to itinerary building. One other thing we consider when choosing a destination is visa requirements for international travel. The ease and expense of visas can make one destination more attractive than another.

  • Kaitlyn

    This is a great post. I will definitely be using it for my next trip! Especially because my husband loves to sight-see. Perfect for him!


  • What are the nice tips you shared!:) I’m the one who never back packed with an itinerary ? Probably have to try doing that for the next adventure.

  • These are great tips – I like to make sure I hit all the highlights, especially when I travel overseas. You never know when/if you’re going to get the chance to go back somewhere!

  • Great tips these. We’re planning on going somewhere this summer to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday, so we’ll put them into use, thank you! 🙂

  • To create the perfect itinerary it is definitely important to finalize your destination and know where you are going first good idea! Mapping out drive time is a good tip x

  • Elizabeth O.

    That’s awesome planning right there. It’s good to have an itinerary when you travel so that you won’t get confused about what to do or where to go and you can also maximize your time!

  • These are fantastic tips! I am always so bad at planning an itinerary, we almost always wind up going around in circles! Thanks for the help!

  • Robin Rue

    This is all great advice. I definitely try to plan everything out as much as I can when it comes to taking a trip.

  • TColeman

    Sometimes we tend to leave out the little things. You definitely have them all listed out here!

  • Lovely advice for travelers! I do my research a lot especially when we’re going to a place for the first time. These are tips that I’ve done ever since I started traveling. You can never be too prepared!

  • Our Family World

    I also get tired too easily when the air is thin at cold places. That said, everything on this list looks comprehensible and practical. I might just plan mine soon!

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