one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

Since I have moved to the United States, I am trying to visit each state of the country and my goal is to visit all 50 states of the country. As I have approached one year of my Blogging milestone I have decided to share “24-hour city guides” for different places which help you explore the city in short time span. I am starting my 24-hour guide series with Minneapolis which is a major city of Minnesota. This post is all about how you can take out maximum within one day of your trip and that’s why this is named as “one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota”.

Overview of Minneapolis

One interesting fact about Minneapolis is it forms “twin city” with “St. Paul” which is state capital of Minnesota. This both the cities are separated by Mississipi river. Those who are into the arts & sculptures you should not miss this city for sure. You can also enjoy the different beer tasting and food tours. Besides all these attractions “Mall of America” has steeled the show. This is the biggest mall in the whole country with various brands, food, and game zone. Many people just drive there to do shopping.

one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden & Wurtele Upper Garden

We started our one-day trip from Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Although the garden was closed due to renovation, you can walk around the garden and see the sculpture from the outside. There is an overbridge beside the garden which called “Loring Greenway” don’t forget to check out the view from the bridge. The best view of the park you can ever get. In this sculpture garden “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture is the center of attraction. This garden stays open year around until midnight.

one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

Walker Art Center

Besides this sculpture garden, you can also visit “Walker Art center” which is exactly opposite to the garden. This gallery also includes performing arts and special exhibitions. If you are art lover then you will definitely enjoy this place. The entry fee varies from $9 – $14.

Stone Arch Bridge

This is one of my favorite spot in the Minneapolis downtown. You must be wondering why? Because you can see three different things from this spot. one is the stone arch bridge itself, which is built in 1883 and it has 23 arches. Those arches add so much character to the bridge and you will see lots of people including localities and tourists come for walk in the evening.

one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

The second thing you can see from the bridge is “Saint Anthony Falls“. When you walk little further on the bridge on your left side you will able to see the Saint Anthony Falls. Actually, the natural waterfall was replaced by a concrete overflow spillway after the portion of it collapsed in 1869.

one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

The third and most amazing thing to see is Minneapolis Skyline. The view of downtown is simply amazing. It depends on how far you are going on the bridge farther you go better the view of the horizon.

one day in Minneapolis twin cities of Minnesota

Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls is around 7 miles from the stone arch bridge. It will max take 20 mins during heavy traffic. The atmosphere of the area is so calm and full of greenery. What we have done instead of sitting and waiting for lunch in a restaurant, we ordered online and got to go lunch with us. We sat there in the picnic area and enjoyed our lunch with the beautiful view. They also have a cafeteria, so you can buy from there as well. To get a perfect view you have to get down to five floors through the stairs but I must say the view of waterfall is spectacular. Those who can not take stairs you can view from the top. In the same park, we also visited Minnehaha Depot and John H Stevens House.

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Mall of America

Mall of America is the biggest mall in the united states. This mall is not only for shopping no doubts you will find hundreds of brands here but besides shopping the game zone, dining and nightlife experience makes it unique than other malls. You can also check their calendar for various events plus Sea Life attracts plenty of tourists. The Mall of America has everything for all ages. For more details check Mall of America website

U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis is the home of Vikings, so how can you forget to visit the football stadium. Those who don’t know let me tell you Viking is a football team from Minneapolis and this stadium was newly built and 2018 Superbowl will be played here.

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