one day in San Francisco

I hope you all have enjoyed my Christmas destination post series and you have plenty of options to choose from for your Christmas 2019. Before you get into Christmas spirit we have to accomplish out travel goals for the year 2019. Since I moved to California I found many hidden gems here and my bucket list is getting longer and longer. I think I have to write a separate post for California Bucket list. To achieve my travel goal I have started my year with a trip to San Francisco and Pacific highway drive. I have made itinerary for One day in San Francisco.

one day in San Francisco

We drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco through Pacific coast highway. Those who have already done pacific highway drive know it takes a long time due to single lane road and ocean beauty makes you stop at various point to enjoy the view. As we reached there at night we got plenty of time to rest and recharge ourselves.

Next day morning we had a heavy breakfast so we don’t have to waste time for lunch. We directly head to twin peaks because we mapped out the spots in sequence.

Twin Peaks

The twin peaks are a perfect place to view the whole city and a slight glimpse of the golden gate too. Thank god it was not windy so we had fun at the peak. My friend suggested winter is a very good time to visit San Francisco because it’s less windy compared to summer. There are two way leads to twin peak so we climb up from one way and get down from another. That way we saw both the sides of twin peaks.

one day in San Francisco

Crooked Street

After twin peak, we went to Crooked street. The crooked street is basically a zig-zag downhill street where they planted flowers on the sides of the street. Unfortunately, it’s winter so we were not able to see the flowers. But experiencing the downhill drive was really amazing.
Before we head to the golden gate we drove on the steepest street of San Francisco. The street was known as Albert street.

Golden Gate Bridge

Now it’s time to visit the most iconic Art Deco span of the United States. Before we drove on the Golden Gate Bridge we head to battery east park to get a closer look of it. We drove by the park but it can be a great spot for picnic and kids can have fun playing in the park.
The drive on the golden gate was simply awesome but if you want to take pictures of a whole bridge then this is not a perfect spot for sure. You can park your car at a welcome center and walk on a bridge if you wish to do so.

one day in San Francisco

Sausalito town

From the Golden Gate Bridge, we suppose to go pier 39 and fisherman’s wharf but I was done with touristy things so my friend suggested visiting Sausalito. I was surprised by hearing the name because I had no idea what he was talking about. Sausalito is a beautiful town across the golden gate and great spot to escape from the city. Take a walk and enjoy the local bars and restaurants or do shopping. Nice little town for a weekend escape for sure.

one day in San Francisco

Before we wind up our trip I wanted to visit “Painted Ladies“. This was not crowded as other places because might majority of the tourists don’t know about it. These are the Victorian houses in a row and repainted in three or more colors which enhance their architectural details. I wil advisece to go here during the day time because at night you won’t be able to see the architecture details.

One day in San Francisco.

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