Perfect Fall Bucket list 2016

The September 22 is considered as 1st day of Autumn (Fall). But mother nature doesn’t follow the calendar, we very well know that. Yesterday when I went for a walk in the evening I noticed a few leaves already started changing their color and I realize Fall will be around soon. All though not in all areas you will see it, but at least Midwest has started to get cool at night. From last 2-3 days temperature falls down in 60’s at night. So I sat down and noted all activities I want to do in Fall 2016 and enjoy the Fall Season at its fullest. Some people don’t like cooler temperature, but each season has its own glory.

Friends, Are you ready to enjoy fall 2016??? So am I. Did you make your bucket list for this Fall? I made my fall bucket list for 2016.  I hope I can cover all the things which I put in my list. So here we begin with the bucket list.

As fall starts the very first thing we would love to do is viewing fall colors and this activity is there in every year’s bucket list. I love all yellow, red and orange leaves. This is the only season when you can see colorful trees, which brings happiness. You can view fall colors through drive, hiking, observation tower, kayaking etc., So choose the activity which you would like to do. Some of the other activities like S’mores, Hot coffee etc. are more fun with family and friends in little cooler temperature. Fall season also brings festival season. Many counties organize Pumpkin Patch and Halloween festival. Apart from festival these will be last period of the year to do outdoor activities like hiking, camping, kayaking. Because after that snowy winter will start and it will difficult to do this activities in freezing cold weather.

My perfect fall bucket list 2016

My perfect fall bucket list 2016

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