Perfect leather wallet for women who love to travel

I have shared my travel experience through this blog but due to audience demand, I will start sharing the products and tools I use to make my travel easy. Today I am sharing my favorite wallet. The wallet, which I have been using for years was ripped off last week. Therefore my search for a new wallet was on. These time I wanted to add a leather wallet in my travel essentials. Although I wanted a leather wallet, I also want it to look a little bit stylish. I checked lots of wallets online. As you know there are numerous designs and colors available in the market depends on how much you spend? I didn’t want to bust my budget because most of my funds go towards travel expenses. Therefore I try to keep my miscellaneous expenses low. First of all, I decided how much I want to spend on a wallet? My budget was a maximum of $20 and not even penny more than that. The struggle was finding a perfect leather wallet for women who love to travel.

Perfect leather wallet for women who love to travel

I will explain step by step how this wallet is perfect because I had a list of requirement to get fulfilled.

Perfect leather wallet for women who love to travel

My requirements for wallet

1. Must have RFID protection

We all know as technology gets advance our thieves are also gets smart. They don’t snatch your purse and run like old times unless you are in Paris. Now they use technology to steal money from your cards, to prevent this I always use RFID protected wallet. If you are not using such kind of wallet then I will advise you when you purchase your wallet next time please look for RFID protected wallet.

2. Leather material and should look classy

This wallet is made up of genuine leather and finished with wax so gives a little glossy look from the surface. One thing which really likes is that it has double stitching which makes it sturdy. Also, the edges are nice and smooth. Even the texture of the wallet is soft.

3. Store at least 5 cards

For me, the minimum five card slots in a wallet were necessary which includes my ID, Debit/credit card as well as an insurance card. This wallet has 9 card slots plus one removable card sleeve which has three slots. Besides the card slots, it has a separate compartment for cash as well. Ultimately nailed this requirement.

4. Separate pocket for coins

During my last trip, I dropped my wallet by mistake and coins was everywhere on the floor. I must admit it was embarrassing. Lesson learned to keep the coins locked. One of the reasons I choose this wallet due to its coin pocket.

5. It should fit in my crossbody bag which I use for traveling

obviously, it depends on what kind of trip it is but I like to carry my bag everywhere. If I go hiking I prefer to carry a backpack which allows me to carry all the hiking essentials. It is difficult to carry my wallet in crossbody bag. Hence, I wanted something with a compact size. This wallet is thin and compact. They also have some awesome color options to match everyone’s style but I like to go with classic black color.

FT FUNTOR RFID Leather Wallet can be a perfect gift option for someone who loves to travel may be your partner, friend or family member.


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