Super bloom in Antelope valley California

Sometimes nature creates a unique landscape which you have never expected and it adds in your bucket list. This year California weather is quite different than usual. I would say it was record-breaking rain and cold during winter and many people have faced evacuation and flood advisory as well. Surprisingly, this rain brought super bloom in Southern California. These year’s super bloom in antelope valley, California have attracted locals and tourists as well.

What is Super bloom?

A super bloom is a desert botanical situation in which an unusually high proportion of wildflowers blossom at roughly the same time. This phenomenon is associated with an unusually wet rainy season. The super bloom is very rare.

Things you should know before you visit Antelope Valley

  1. Antelope valley gets super busy on weekends, so avoid visiting on weekends if you can.
  2. There are no food and gas facilities near the park.
  3. Staying hydrated is very important as the sunny day will drain water from your body.
  4. I would definitely recommend you to wear comfortable footwear because you gonna hike around poppy fields.
  5. Don’t reach too early, because poppy heads don’t bloom until the sun is high. Hence plan to be there accordingly.
  6. Dogs are not allowed in the poppy fields so, please keep them home.
  7. These reserve in no drone zone, hence I am sorry, but you cannot capture the view from your drone.
  8. Even if it’s sunny it gets windy anytime so check the weather and bring your jackets to be on the safer side.
  9. Trails are accessible through strollers and wheelchairs.

Super bloom in Antelope Valley California

This year Southern California experienced super bloom of wildflowers. You can see the hills literally turned into orange, yellow and purple. The view is mind-blowing. I have seen tulips a lot, but blooming wildflowers are something new to me and I have never seen it before. I had two options either I can go to Carlsbad and enjoy tulip farm or I can go to Antelope Valley and hike through the poppy reserve. As super bloom was all over the news and it was looking fantastic on tv so I couldn’t resist myself to go there.

Super bloom in Antelope valley California

We didn’t have an option so went there on Saturday. It was super busy and crowded but we made it through. Once we cross Lancaster and leave freeway we saw spring blooms on both sides of the road. Please be careful while driving as its two-lane road. Moreover, many people pull over on the side and go in the fields. Instead of stopping by in the middle of the route we decided to head Antelope Valley State Natural Reserve directly.

We saw a majority of the crowd had parked on the shoulder and preferred walking to the park. There was a long queue at the entrance gate. The ranger will collect the parking/admission fee and provide Map and literature about the park. Once we paid fees there is a huge parking lot where we parked. I am afraid to park on the shoulder, hence preferred to use dedicated parking.

antelope valley poppy reserve

I must say the photos don’t do justice to the landscape which you see. The bright orange color just pops in your eyes and the view is incredible. Everyone trying to take their best shot and trail gets pretty crowded. Few trails you have to hike a bit, but there are flat trails as well. Choose the one according to your interest. I would suggest spare half a day to explore the poppy field. You can also plan a picnic, they have picnic tables, but the food is not allowed on trails.

The super bloom in antelope valley, California was really amazing. I felt so lucky that I got a chance to see super bloom. If it’s possible for me to experience a super bloom in the near future, then I would love to visit again. Don’t forget to add it to your bucket list.

view of Super bloom in Antelope valley California

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