10 things to must have for your international flight

After my beach trips in summer, I am on my long vacation. Right now I am on a trip to India and it took almost 21 hours to reach. As competition increases airline companies provide many unique facilities. I am a frequent flyer of Emirates and I love it. They provide a utility kit on their flights. This kit includes socks, ear plugs, eye mask and toothbrush with small toothpaste. If you want you can carry yours but I don’t think you should. Because it will increase unnecessary space utilization in your purse. I had taken 16 hours of flight from LA to Dubai last week and decided to share my experience. I have listed out 10 things to must have for your international flight in order to enjoy your travel time.

10 things to must have for your international flight

1. Passport Wallet

The passport is the most necessary document when you travel to another country. This is the only identification card valid in any country as well. Make sure you keep your passport and credit cards stored in a safe place. You will find plenty of option for passport wallet in the market.

2. Travel pillow

You will find different shape and sizes for a travel pillow. I have a problem with my tailbone so I like this one better. You can choose your most comfortable posture to position your head with the help of this pillow

3. Lip balm

In any flight crew maintains the temperature inside the flight and usually its little cold which makes your lips dry. Hence it’s better to carry a small chapstick handy to keep your lips moisturized during flight.

4. Hand sanitizer

Personally, I prefer using sanitizer over the paper napkins because it helps to remove the germs. I always prefer sanitizer which hangs on the belt of your handbag. It is easily accessible and you don’t have to search in your purse with dirty hands
10 things to must have for your international flight

5. Headphones

In international flight most of the airlines provide headphones but somehow it gives pain to my ears. Hence, I like to carry my own noise-canceling Headphones which help me to reduce the unnecessary sound in the flight.

6. Cardigan or blazer

Instead of feeling cold and regretting the flying time better to carry an extra layer. Generally, the temperature in the flight is little chilly and wearing a cardigan or blazer will add in your style and helps you feel comfy.

7. Pen (must have)

You need a pen in order to fill up the custom and immigration forms. People like me love to use their time and write notes during flight. I have seen many people sketch their observations.

8. Face wipes

Usually, when I travel to my home country it takes almost 21 hours and there is no direct flight, hence I have to take one stop flight. I love to carry we face wipes to keep myself. I always keep this handy for all my trips.

9. Moisturizing cream

You must be thinking why to moisturize your skin. Actually, during the flight, your skin goes through different temperature which makes your skin dry. It’s better to apply cream to avoid dry hands.

10. charging cable

As far as I know, all international flights provide entertainment center on each seat. Hence, you can enjoy movies, tv shows etc during your flight which omits the carrying of your entertainment gadgets. Besides all these facilities you carry your cell phone because of it must-have thing while traveling to stay in touch with your loved ones. And for that, you need to carry your charging cable.
10 things to must have for your international flight

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