Beach Essentials for a perfect day on the beach

As March month begins, I start dreaming about summer. I love going to the beach in summer. Although I just got back from my “A winter getaway vacation to Miami“. The Beach Essential idea came to my mind When I was writing my article on Miami Beach. By late spring people get in the mood of swimming in sunny weather. This year the weather is uncertain. Even in winter, we experienced a few days like spring. I decided to gather a list of Beach Essentials for a perfect day on the beach, so no last minute rush.

Summer has begun and if you haven’t gone to the beach yet then you should plan your beach trip very soon. For me spending a sunny day on the beach stays always on top in my summer bucket list. If you haven’t made your summer bucket list then check out my previous article. Before you plan your trip to the beach don’t forget to pack these essentials.

List of Beach Essentials for a perfect day on the beach

Here is the list of things you should carry on your beach trip.

1. Swimsuit

When you think about a beach trip the very first things comes into your mind is a swimsuit. None of the beach trip packings start without swimsuit right? There is plenty of styles and designs available in the market, so I am pretty sure you don’t need anyone to explain to you which one to buy. Just buy whichever is comfortable for you.

2. cover up

Many people like kimono as a cover-up but I personally use thin layer dress so I can use it as dual and save space in my bag.

3. beach towel

why not a regular towel? Because beach towel drys faster than the regular towel. You can also spread out on the beach, lay down and enjoy the sun.

4. Sunscreen

You can buy any sunscreen which is suitable for your skin. Before you buy sunscreen for the beach, check if it provides sun and water barrier. Why choose water barrier? It provides protection even you are swimming in the water. Normal sunscreen gets to wash off when it comes in contact with water. Vendors also mention how much time it will protect in the water like 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.

5. flip-flop

The flip-flops are best to cover your feet. You can easily clean the sand from it and this is lightweight too.

6. Hat

I know you love to be in the sun but covering your head with extreme heat is also important. Some people prefer regular cap but I love to use round hat for the beach.

7. Sunglasses

This is one of the things, which you must have to carry with you or else you will regret it. You can pick the sunglasses according to your style just make sure it has UV protection.

8. Beach Tote

To carry all your beach essentials, you required a bag. When you buy your beach tote, Choose it wisely. It is better to buy water-resistant and big enough in size so that you can put everything in one place and no hassle of carrying a number of bags. Also, Make sure your beach tote has a little secret pocket in which you can keep your cell phone, cards, and money.

These are the list of things you must have in order to enjoy your day on the beach. I am also sharing a few extra things which I prefer to have with me. Here are they:

  1. Ziplock bag:- To keep my cell phone safe from water.
  2. Book:- I love reading a book while enjoying sunbathe
  3. iPod & headphones:- Those who just want to enjoy music with beach breeze, they can bring their gears.
  4. Plastic bag:- Instead of searching for a trash can gather all used stuff in a plastic bag and throw latter.
  5. Baby powder:- To remove sticky sand from your legs & feet baby powder is the lifesaver.
  6. Umbrella:- Although I love enjoying on the beach, I don’t stay in the sun all the time so Umbrella is must for me.
  7. beach chair:- Lounging on a beach chair is so much fun, isn’t it?
  8. Snacks:- Don’t stay hungry, carry food which is filling rather than feeling hungry all the time.
  9. water:- Staying hydrated is really important in the summer hence keep the water handy.
  10. snorkeling kit:- Water activity totally depends on you. You can also take a surfboard if you know how to surf.

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