Summer Bucket list from Urvi’s Travel Journal

These year has been quite busy for me and I was not able to share my travel stories as frequent as earlier. After moving to California I was able to share only one story which was my first outing in California. It was Evening well spent on Torrance beach and California is home of the beaches. Summer is the warmest season of the year and best season to accomplish your travel goals as well. Summer has officially begun and this time I haven’t made my summer bucket list from Urvi’s Travel Journal yet. Before we make a bucket list let me tell you a few things. There is no rule for making the bucket list. You add the activities which you love the most no matter if these are the same every year. In my case, I always like to visit the beach every summer, hence you will find a visiting beach on my summer bucket list every year.

It is never late to make a bucket list, so let’s begin with simple but your favorite activities.

Summer Bucket list from Urvi’s Travel Journal

As the temperature is high in summer any activity related to water will be so much fun. Some people like to lay down on the beach and enjoy the sunbathe and others like to swim and surf. From spring to Autumn is the best time for picnicking and camping. For both of these activities, you have to plan early if you are going to famous spots. Many parks have a barbecue grill, hence if you don’t have a big backyard then organize barbecue parties in the park.

Besides the parties and picnic, I also like to create some unique recipes for summer drinks. Mint and lemon are my favorite ingredients to try for my summer drinks. And I always prefer to use mint from my garden. This year I have planted mint and coriander in my home garden and soon I will be planting green chilies for the first time. Let’s hope for the best.

Don’t forget to share your summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket list from Urvi's Travel Journal

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