Best beaches in southern California

Summer is here and it’s time to plan some beach trips. Here I am listing the best beaches in Southern California. Since I moved to Southern California my beach trips have increased. Sometimes even if the weather is not hot, I just go to the beach and enjoy the sunset.  If you love to be on the beach then don’t forget to add these beaches in your California bucket list.

Best beaches in southern California

California is along the Pacific coast and it has numerous beaches but I am sharing some of my favorites which I personally like to go very often. Some beaches are popular as tourist destinations like Santa Monica, Malibu, Pacific beach. Especially during the summer, you will find tourists at these beaches and keeps it crowded. I like some quiet time at the beach which helps me relax and rejuvenate. Here I am sharing beaches that are famous among the locals.

Hermosa Beach

This was the very first beach which I have visited after moving to California. The good thing about Hermosa beach pier is it’s not commercialized. Just old style wooden pier and you can walk on the pier. View of the Hermosa beach from the end of a pier is really beautiful. There are also plenty of saloons and bars on the Strand and you can enjoy happy hour menu while looking over the ocean.

Best beaches in southern California
Hermosa Beach pier avenue

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is one hour drive from my place but I like to go there often. I love walking by the beach although the length of the beach is small compared to other beaches the view is simply amazing. It is a family friendly beach with a little play area and garden. You can use the stroller on the paved walking path. There are plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy ocean view dining.

Best beaches in southern California
Laguna Beach

Venice Beach

Venice beach is known for its bohemian spirit and the atmosphere will bring energy in you. Don’t forget to look for unique wall arts they are painted over different themes. Venice beach is much more than a beach because there you will find Muscle Beach Gym, Fishing pier, Skateboard Park, Paddle of Tennis and basketball court as well. Locals enjoy walking and bicycling on the oceanfront walk path.

Best beaches in southern California
Venice beach from Venice fishing pier

Big Dume Beach, Dume Cove, Malibu

Point Dume beach is different than the beach at Dume Cove. This beach is known as Big Dume Beach and you can see this beach from Point Dume. You have to do a little hike to reach this beach, but once you get there you will feel like it’s your private beach and only locals know about this place. Here is the picture I captured from Point Dume. There is limited parking near Point Dume so you have to find street parking. There is no facility of food or water so please carry enough supply.

Best beaches in southern California
Big Dume Beach view from the point Dume

Founders Park, Palos Verdes

This beach has no particular name. Few of our friend suggested this place for a sunset view so I found this beach when I visited founders park. When I get there I saw people using the sunset trail to get down to the beach. This trail is steep and not accessible for stroller or wheelchair. Going to the beach is easy but coming back is literally a hike. The beach has black sand which makes it different than other beaches. This park is popular among locals to view the sunset. The park has a walking path which is paved and picnic tables as well.

Best beaches in southern California

Cabrillo Beach

The Cabrillo Beach is a historic beach located in San Pedro south of Los Angeles. The beach named after Portuguese explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. This beach has two parts inner beach and outer beach. This beach has it all like a beach, pier, lighthouse, aquarium, boat ramp, etc. one of the favorite beaches among locals and family friendly too.

Cabrillo the historic beach

Del Mar beach

Del Mar has a long stretch of sandy beach. It is dog-friendly beach and there are few rules for a leashed and off-leash dog in a particular area of the beach. check out this Dog rules to read details. Generally, you will see surfers during high tide. This is a great place to spend a sunny day with a picnic on the beach and you can take trail near bluff and hike till the Torrey Pines.

Del Mar beach San Diego
Del Mar beach Image dfsym from pixabay

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores has the most gentle tides compare to other beaches and it has lifeguard all year around which is a plus point for me because I don’t know swimming. You can also take scuba classes here. There are fire pits and it is first come first serve basis and they don’t allow dogs on the beach. The swimming and surfing areas are separated, you can ask a lifeguard for details.

View of La Jolla shores, San Diego
La Jolla Shores, Image by Theresa McGee from Pixabay


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