California Bucket List by local

In my California Bucket list by local, I have added all the things I want to do in California. California is nearly 900 miles wide and it offers a variety of adventures throughout the state. California has been my new home from last one year and I am thriving with its weather. It’s always pleasant, warm, sunny and you can go out in any season. Each season has its glory. You can find a beach, mountains, valley, and dessert in one single state. Isn’t that awesome? Here is my California bucket list by local.

California Bucket List by local

1. View Golden Gate Bridge from different angles

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic suspension bridge in the United States and a very famous tourist spot in San Francisco. There are various spots from where you can enjoy the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from different angles. Here are my favorite spots.

California Bucket List by local

2. Hike to Hollywood sign

There are multiple places from which you can hike to Hollywood Sign but Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory are the popular once. These two trails are fairly easy compared to other trails. I have to pick a trail this summer to hike.

3. Enjoy the drive on Pacific coast highway

California state is along the Pacific coastline and driving on the Pacific highway is almost in every tourist’s bucket list. We drove south to North (LA to SFO) but you can choose either way. I was totally amazed by the spectacular view of the ocean stretching miles and miles on one side and mountains on another side. Eye-catching view and feel of the ocean breeze recharged my body and my stress disappeared.

4. Attend star party at Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is a family fun place and you will find interesting things for every age. Personally, I like the huge Zeiss telescope they have in the observatory. And you can view the stars through Zeiss telescope during the star party. I have been to the observatory but still, have to attend star party. To check the star party schedule visit Griffith Observatory.

5. View sea lions chilling at La Jolla Caves

You are visiting California and haven’t seen sea lions yet? I am not talking about 2-3 sea lions like you get to see in the zoo. I am talking about like 50 or 100 sea lions. You head to a Rocky point near La Jolla cave you will see a huge group of sea lions chilling buy the water.

6. Taking pictures at urban lights outside the art museum

These urban lights are a sculpture by Chris Burden located outside of Los Angeles country museum of art. All the light poles you see there where once a street light and lite streets of Southern California.

7. Spot a celebrity at Malibu beach

Malibu is known for celebrity homes and beaches. There are high chances you can spot a celebrity or two on the beach. I have been to Malibu once but didn’t spot any celebrity yet So I guess I have to try my luck again.

8. Find the star of your favorite celebrity at Hollywood walk of fame.

Hollywood walk of fame is actually a sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and open 24/7 attraction. You will see star embedded on the sidewalks with different celebrity names on it. Find your favorite celebrity star.

9. Capture pictures of spring bloom in Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Antelope Valley poppy reserve attracts numerous tourists and locals during spring. All poppy flowers cover the area like an orange bed. This is once a lifetime experience and if you are visiting in spring season then you should not miss this place.

antelope valley poppy reserve

10. Do night gazing at Joshua Tree National Park

Have you counted stars when you were a kid? I did a lot and my Joshua trip reminded me that. Amazing clear skies and you can see stars popping up in the skies.

11. Find Tallest tree in Sequoia National Park

I know it’s a tuff part because all the trees are huge and tall. You will feel so tiny walking through these trees.

12. Walk through Cypress Tree Tunnel in Point Reyes National Park

13. Hike to the top of half dome

It is 14 to 16 miles round trip hike and I have to train myself for that. I also need to have a permit in order to do a hike and that permit are available by lottery in March. Hence I have to be well prepared for hiking with all permission and training. Most probably I will apply next year.

14. Enjoy the wine castle in Napa Valley

Castello di Amorosa has become popular because of its authentically-styled 13th-century Tuscan castle. I am a big fan of Castle and this is must visit a winery for me in Napa Valley.

15. Visit Bumpass Hell one and the only geothermal pool of California

16. Enjoy whale watching in Santa Cruz

17. Try to solve the mystery behind Mystery spot of Santa Cruz

I have been to Mystery spot twice and still wondering How it’s possible that you don’t feel the gravitational force in that particular cabin? Is it really true or they are tricking my eyes?

18. Spot all different colors of glass on glass beach in Fort Bragg

The glass beach shows ocean is so polite. We give trash to the ocean and they give beautiful glass in returns and that to of different colors.

19. Take a ghost tour of Queen Mary at Long Beach Harbor

This is a bit scary for me but I still want to take a tour of “Illusions of the Passed” offered in the Queen Mary. There are two more tours on Paranormal activity but I don’t think I can handle that.

20. Explore the lowest point of North America (Badwater Basin in Death Valley)

I loved the death valley national park overall. I didn’t know Badwater Basin is the lowest point of North America until I visit the place. You will see a small mark indication sea level and you are standing below that point. Isn’t it amazing?

California Bucket List by local

21. Enjoy Snorkeling at Catalina Island

22. Enjoy the sunset from Del Cerro Park Palos Verdes.

Palos Verdes is my favorite area in SoCal. You can enjoy the view of the Pacific ocean sitting on a cliff. During sunset, backdrop colors are simply amazing.

23. Explore the Wizarding world of Harry Potter in Universal Studio

Are you harry porter fan just like me? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will make you feel like you are on the set of the Harry Potter Movie. I still want to go back again and experience.

California Bucket List by local

24. Enjoy street performances at Santa Monica Pier

The world is full of talented people and it is more than what you see on tv. Street performers are one of them. I saw a different type of artists on Santa Monica Pier like Musician, Singer, Painter, etc.

25. Take surfing lessons in San Diego

26. View the city of San Francisco from twin peaks

I have been to San Francisco twice and I love the view of the city from twin peaks. Twin Peaks are definitely the place which helps you to forget all your stress and make you feel relax. It will also keep you away from city life.

27. Relax on the weekend in Sausalito

28. Camping in Anza-Borrego Desert state park

Beside wildflowers and natural beauty, this park is popular for back county camping and huge metal sculptures that dot the Borrego Valley.

29. Skiing at San Bernardino mountains

I am not a good skier but want to learn skiing. Until I learn skiing I am happy to play with snow.

30. Board Napa Valley wine train

I am sure you have visited plenty of wine bar and wineries but the wine train is something different to experience.

31. Cruze the canal of long beach

32. Ride aerial tramway in Palm Spring

33. Shopping at Beverly Hills rodeo drive

34. Dine and shop at grand central market Los Angeles

35. Slide down at OUE skyspace slide

Do you like to slide? I love slides. How about if I tell you can ride nearly 1,000 ft. above Downtown LA? Yes OUE skyspace has slide and you can ride it.

I will get to explore more as summer is here and the temperature is getting better now. If you know something which I can add into my California bucket list then suggest in the comment.

things to do in California

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