Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge

There are numerous things to do in San Francisco, but the Golden Gate Bridge is iconic and must do place. I have already shared my itinerary of One day in San Francisco.  I know when it comes to visiting Golden Gate Bridge, we all head to the welcome center. It is a good place to view the Golden Gate Bridge and most crowded too as the majority of the tourist will be visiting here. For Directions, Toll payment and parking instructions you can check the official website of Golden Gate Bridge. I am sharing a few of the best spots to view the Golden Gate Bridge. At least I loved the view and I am sure you will like it too.

Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge

Crissy Field

This is my most favorite spot to view the bridge. Why? The best thing about Crissy Field you will not find tourists here so not crowded. You can sit in the park and capture the bridge however you want. Without any trouble to remove people from your picture frame. You can also plan a picnic and spend the evening over here. Locals come here to take a walk or just spend time with family.

Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge


Golden Gate Bridge vista point

The vista point is on the other side of the bridge means opposite end then welcome center. It gives a different angle of view of the bridge. You can see both towers parallelly lined up from this point. The parking lot is huge, but soon gets crowded. Hence be patient and keep going you will get parking at the end.


Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge viewpoint

This is my favorite spot and I would say perfect to picture whole Golden Gate in one frame. If you can visit it in the dark that will be perfect, but I didn’t have enough time. Even though a day time view is also fantastic. You need to be lucky to get parking because it hardly has 8-10 parking spot.

Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge


Torpedo Wharf

This wharf is at the end of Crissy Field and gives a closer view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Locals love to enjoy a picnic in the Crissy field picnic area and they have plenty of parking space at the end of Mason street. Mostly it is windy so be prepared and bring jackets.

Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge


Point Cavallo

Point Cavallo is not a tourist spot, hence here you don’t find tourists and no hassle of parking space. When I went here it was hardly 5-7 people, which doesn’t seem like tourists to me. Kind of secret spot to enjoy a spectacular view of Golden Gate Bridge. If you have less time during your trip than save the hassle, time and visit this spot. I am sure you will like it.

Golden Gate Bridge welcome center

The welcome center is just at the corner before the bridge starts. Most of the tourists who are first-timers go to welcome center first. You can walk down from the welcome center to Golden Gate postcard viewpoint. It’s quite a hike coming back, but worth it.

Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge


6 thoughts on “Best spots to view Golden Gate Bridge

  • Oh i’ve never been to the Golden Bridge but i am planning a trip soon and i can’t can’t can’t wait. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.

  • Cindy Gordon

    I have always wanted to see this in person. I will make it out there one of these days!

  • These are some pretty great spots. I know I have been on the bridge but I really wasn’t there to take pictures. I liked seeing it from the bay. Was very beautiful.

  • It is just an incredible structure and these are brilliant places to admire and enjoy it from.

  • Kay

    Torpedo Wharf is my usual go-to! I’ll have to check out the other spots!

  • We missed Chrissy Field, but we got the other ones when we went. There are so many good views of the bridge, and we happened to have perfect weather (no Karl that day!).

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