One day in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

My one-day trip guide series is coming to an end and here I am presenting my last guest blogger for now. Last week I had shared One day in Barcelona cosmopolitan capital of Spain. Today I am introducing Miguel from Spain who is a former architect but now became traveler due to his passion for traveling. Now he is living in Rio de Janerio and sharing his tips on “One day in Rio De Janeiro Brazil”.

After having lived in Rio de Janeiro for over a year, I understand why this city, world-wide famous for its beaches, Carnival, and samba parties, is on the bucket list of every traveler. Rio boasts an unbeatable location surrounded by huge peaks, wild rainforests, and white sand beaches!

When visiting the city, you’ll find a wide variety of activities to choose from: sunbathing in Copacabana, going up to Christ the Redeemer, taking a favela tour or paragliding over Ipanema are just a few.

When to go to Rio de Janeiro

The tourist season runs from November to April, when the weather is hot and dry and the hotel prices increase. During New Year’s Eve and Carnival, there tends to be maximum hotel occupancy, and accommodation prices can be ridiculously high.

From May to September, you can expect some rain and fresh nights. However, this is also a good time for visiting the city, when hotel prices are low and most days are still sunny and enjoyable.If you like wild landscapes, colonial architecture, and friendly people, I’m sure you’re going to love Rio as much as I do!

One day in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

If you have one day to enjoy the Cidade Maravilhosa (marvelous city), take a look at the following “must-do” recommendations:

One day in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Visit Cristo Redentor

The most famous icon in Rio, the statue of Christ the Redeemer stands over the city from Morro do Corcovado. The views from the top are priceless, offering a full panorama of Botafogo Bay, Ipanema, and the surrounding mountains.

Downtown and Lapa

Take a free walking tour to learn about Rio’s history and culture. Most tours will take you to the Municipal Theater, the National Library, Carioca Square and the Lapa Arches. Lapa is also the place to party at night when it gets crowded and most bars offer live music, samba shows and lots of caipirinhas.

Copacabana Beach

Why not spend a few hours laying out in the sun, walking along the coast pathway and enjoying a coconut water? Rio’s beaches are great for a chill-out afternoon.

Favela tour

If you want to explore a different part of Rio, you should take a favela tour. Some slums have been pacified and are safe to visit now. The most popular tours will take you to Rocinha, Vidigal or Santa Marta, and can be booked online. You can also hike to Dois Irmãos, one of Rio’s finest hikes, and walk down through favela Vidigal on the way back.

Sugar Loaf

After the Christ, the cable car that connects Praia Vermelha to the Sugar Loaf is the second most popular attraction. For impressive pictures, I recommend that you go at dusk when the sun sets behind the mountain-filled skyline.

One day in Rio De Janeiro Brazil

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