One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi’s Travel Journal

I can’t believe it has been one year since I started blogging. I still remember a lot of thoughts running through my mind and I was not able to decide what to do? Since childhood, I love traveling and I got this gift from my dad. I still remember I had never spent my vacation at home. My father always plans the family trip somewhere. When I thought about blogging I knew travel can be the best topic to write at least for me. It is a very 1st step before you start blogging because this will help you decide your niche. Let me tell you blogging is not easy at all. It required a lot of hard work. I am not native English speaker and writing in your second language makes it more difficult. On my “One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi’s Travel Journal” I will share few of the secrets and tricks to help new bloggers.

One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi's Travel Journal

One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi’s Travel Journal

Blogging is 24/7 job because it includes article writing, image editing, and social media marketing. All though it’s 24/7 job, the benefit is you can work from anywhere. You can read my very first post to know “Why I have started a Travel Blog?” On my first Blog Anniversary, I want to share few apps which I use to make my Blogging task easy.

1. Evernote

The Evernote is the best app to write articles offline. This app available on all the devices. You can write anywhere, anytime and on any device. Once you get internet access just sync your app and your article will available through the internet and you can copy paste into your blog’s control panel.

2. Canva

Every blogger knows that content accompanied with the image is more effective on readers. That’s why I keep all the images of the same size and canva helps me to do that. The Canva has a wide range of templates and layouts and you can choose any of them. You can also add your images, artworks, text, frames, clip arts etc.

3. Planner Pro

Being a travel blogger I roam around a lot and carrying planner book is difficult for me due to luggage restrictions. Hence I use Planner pro app to note down my tasks.

4. Photoshop Mix

I know photoshop is difficult to use and takes a time to edit your images. Hence, instead of using full fledge photoshop I use this app which is much easier. There are tutorials which you help to learn the features.

5. Mailer lite / MailChimp

You want to stay in touch with your readers and let them know what you are posting on your blog. Once you start posting on your blog you need to create subscription form. By using this, you can send a new post, newsletters, and blog related information to your subscribers. These apps get handy to create newsletters.

6. Social Media apps

I am pretty sure all social media lovers using these apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are the best platform for marketing and you can post through the app from anywhere, anytime. Besides these three bloggers also use G+, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

7. Social Pilot

Must you have heard about the plan ahead? This is what you do in blogging. When I am out traveling different places I don’t get Internet access everywhere. Hence, I schedule my posts through the social pilot. You can connect your social media and schedule your posts on specific date & time.

8. Crowdfire

keeping track of your new follower and non-followers are important. It also helps you to find people to follow in your niche using the hashtag. This app helps you analyze the growth of your social media.

9. Analytics

This is google analytics app which helps you to keep an eye on the performance of your blog. It shows the number of views, user locations, new users etc. You can create individual reports and analyze it.

10. Google drive

One of the important thing which you should remember to secure your data and it should be easy to access. Generally, I travel a lot and take pictures which flood my iPhone memory so whenever I get a chance I move them to google drive and use whenever I want.

One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi's Travel Journal

3 thoughts on “One year Blog Anniversary of Urvi’s Travel Journal

  • Congratulations Urvi! I just passed the 9 year mark last month. Blogging gets more fun yearly. So much to see and do and enjoy and learn on this magical journey. Nice list of apps too; I use a few myself, heartily endorsing Mail Chimp among other tools to build a rocking blog and brand.

  • Congrats! Making it to that 1 year mark is SO hard, but I found that I started to gain more confidence in what I was doing after that first 12 months (there was a lot of imposter syndrome going on before then!). I’m just over 3 years into travel blogging, and I still learn something everyday!

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