Why I have started a Travel Blog?

Being an electrical engineer and mastered in Marketing you must be thinking Why I have started a Travel Blog? We don’t know what’s coming for us? We can not see our future only God knows it. Hence we just have to follow our passion and our gut feeling and that’s what I did.

How I end up in Seattle?

In 2013 I moved to the States, which changed my life. New country, new culture, and sort of new language. I know English is not a new language, but the place where I grew up we have a different native language and we don’t use English in our routine communication and accent also different. I won’t lie to you, I found it a little bit difficult to understand initially but then I got used to it.

In the United States, Seattle was my very 1st destination. Seattle is so beautiful, I fall in love with it within 2nd day of my stay. Why on the second day? My flight landed in the afternoon around 1 pm and it took around 1 hour to clear the immigration and collect my luggage. By the time we reach home, it was around 3:30 pm. My husband had already rented the apartment, so I had a home, but he didn’t set up the kitchen. I had a jet lag so my mind was absent in all the conversation and I didn’t remember what he was talking about. We decided to take a rest as it was a long journey.

On the 2nd day, he took me to see Seattle downtown, Pike place market and I fall in love with the City. I was in jet lag and you can tell from my eyes that I am sleepy. The Seattle downtown is really beautiful and if you haven’t been there than I think you should plan your next trip to Seattle.

Why I have started a travel blog

Meet up

So initial 3-4 month was like honeymoon period and I started exploring the City and the Culture. But still everything has a saturation point, so it does. One of the greatest things I found out is Meetup groups. One day I was searching on the Internet and I found out about the Meetup group which meets twice a week in a nearby shopping mall. I decided to join that Meetup and see how it worked out. I told my husband that I am going to meet up at 11 pm so you call me at 12 to check out on me because I was scared. The lady who runs this Meetup is so nice and helpful.

From this Meetup, I learned about volunteer opportunities in nearby area and free classes provided by different NGOs. I had joined Volunteermatch.com and explored about volunteer opportunities in my area. After all this still, I wanted to do something productive, an activity which I love to do, which can improve my skills.

Why I have started a Travel Blog?

One day I was sitting by the window and watching the rainfall. The rainfall reminds my old time and that moment I remember, I always wanted to create a website on the subject of my Passion. I wanted to create my travel journal and record all the places I have been and all good/bad experience while I travel. But between study and Job, I never got enough time to sit and explore how I can create a website? And didn’t have enough time to write as well? So I was finally able to fulfill both the wishes.

Finally, I got my goal and I had plenty of time to reach this goal. I didn’t want to spend money at that time, so I started googling on how to create a free website? And hundreds of website and forums popped up. I have started reading forums and reviewing pricing plans of Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Blogger, etc. Although they mention “Free” I always get worried about the “*” mark which displayed somewhere in the corner. I finally pick the blogger.com and ask my husband to review it and find out is it actually free? After checking out everything, I decided to create my blog on blogger.com.

why I have started a travel blog


Why I am mentioning the word “Passion”? I am not a professional writer. So stay motivated to write on the blog post is very important. If I create a blog which is out of my interest, then I might not get an idea of what to write and how to write? So better to choose a subject which interests you.

I will be sharing step by step guide for how to set up a blog in the next part.

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