Why I have started a Travel Blog?

You never know where your life will take you to? The year 2013 was something like that for me. I had worked as a maintenance engineer in power plant more than 2 years. After that I did an MBA with specialization in marketing. I took 6 months break to spend time with my parents because that might be last long vacation before I start a new chapter of my life.

Initial days in Seattle

In 2013 I moved to the States, which changed my life. New country, new culture and sort of new language. I know English is not a new language, but the place where I grew up we have a different native language and we don’t use English in our routine communication and accent also different. I won’t lie to you, I found little bit difficulty to understand initially but then I got used to it.

In United States, Seattle was my very 1st destination. Seattle is so beautiful, I fall in love with it within 2nd day of my stay. Why second day? My flight landed in the afternoon around 1 pm and it took around 1 hour to clear the immigration and collect my luggage. By the time we reach home it was around 3:30 pm. My husband had already rented the apartment, so I had a home, but he didn’t set up the kitchen. I had a jet lag so my mind was absent in all the conversation and I didn’t remember what he was talking about. We decided to take a rest as it was a long journey. On the 2nd day he took me to see Seattle downtown and Pike place market and I fall in love with the City. I was in jet lag and you can see sleep in my eyes.

Gas works park

So initial 3-4 month was like honeymoon period and I started exploring the City and the Culture. But still everything has a saturation point, so it does. One of the greatest things I found out is Meetup groups. One day I was searching on the Internet and I found out about Meetup group which meets twice a week in a nearby shopping mall. I decided to join that Meet up and see how it worked out. I told my husband that I am going to meet up at 11 pm so you call me at 12 to check out on me because I was scared. The lady who runs this Meetup is so nice and helpful.

From this Meetup I learned about volunteer opportunities near by area and free classes provided by different NGOs. I had joined Volunteermatch.com and explored about volunteer opportunities in my area.After all this still I wanted to do something productive, activity which I love to do, which can improve my skills.

Idea of a Blog

One day I was sitting by the window and watching the rain fall. The rain fall reminds me old time and that moment I remember, I always wanted to create a website on the subject of my Passion. I wanted to create my travel journal and record all the places I have been and all good/bad experience while I travel. But between study and Job I never got enough time to sit and explore how I can create a website? And didn’t have enough time to write as well? So I was finally able to fulfill my both the wishes.

Finally, I got my goal and I had plenty of time to reach this goal. I didn’t want to spend money at that time, so I started googling how to create a free website? And hundreds of website and forums popped up. I have started reading forums and reviewing pricing plans of Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Blogger, etc. Although they mention “Free” but I always get worried about the “*” mark which displayed somewhere in the corner. I finally pick the blogger.com and ask my husband to review it and find out is it actually free? After checking out everything, I decided to create my blog on blogger.com.

Washington ferry

Why I am mentioning word “Passion”? I am not a professional writer. So stay motivated to write on the blog post is very important. If I create a blog which is out of my interest, then I might not get an idea what to write and how to write? So better to choose a subject which interest you.

I will be sharing step by step guide for how to setup a blog in the next part.

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