Ultimate Beach bucket list: fun on the beach

I have never thought of beach bucket list until I move to California. I was always making bucket list according to the season. Once I moved here I realized that California has tons and tons of beaches and you don’t have to go far to find one. Since last month making an ultimate beach bucket list was in my to do list and I was finally able to create it. In California, all beach has different surroundings some have pier which is commercialized and some are just calm and known among the locals only.

These are the first time in summer I have frequent trips to the beach otherwise it always stays in my summer bucket list. Usually, during the whole summer, I hardly get a chance to visit the beach. Now as I have the opportunity for multiple beach trips, I want to make each beach trip little different. These were the main reason which motivated me to make beach bucket list

Ultimate Beach bucket list

  1. Beside swimming on the beach, take a walk on the shore is my favorite activity.
  2. lay down under the sun and relax
  3. enjoy a book read at the beach
  4. Write your name on the sand
  5. make a sand castle
  6. jump on the waves
  7. watch the sunset from the beach
  8. collect shells from different beaches
  9. Make your own pool at the beach
  10. Have a beach run
  11. Don’t miss to fly a kite
  12. Try to capture waves in your camera
  13. Sit back and enjoy bird watching
  14. Play beach volleyball
  15. Enjoy boardwalk at the beach
  16. Try surfing ( I don’t know how to surf)
  17. rent a speedboat and enjoy riding by yourself
  18. Cover yourself in sand
  19. Find seagull and take a snap
  20. Do photoshoot on the beach


Ultimate beach bucket list


Which are your favorite activities to enjoy a beach trip? Don’t forget to share your beach bucket list.

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  • A really good list I will recommend this list to all my upcoming yoga teacher training students in Goa India. Great!

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